How to review annual leave balances in Xero.

Xero annual leave tutorial (1)

Knowing where your team is at in terms of accrued annual leave can be useful. Fortunately, if your Xero is up to date, and your payroll has been completed correctly you can check where a team member’s annual leave balance is at, any time. This can be especially useful if you are considering restructuring your team or redundancy.  

To help you find this useful feature, we have created this step by step guide.  




  1. Under the accounting tab click Reports 
  1. Scroll down to Payroll 
  1. Click Leave Balances 
  1. Next to Effective Date put in today's date and click Update 
  1. Here it will show the leave balance of your employees.  


xero graphic 1

In this section you can see the leave balance in number of hours and by the dollar figure. It will also list out the other types of leave they have including personal/carers leave. To see only annual leave it is a good idea to group the list by leave type. To do this follow these instructions:

  1. Click the box which says Standard Value and choose Group by leave type.
xero graphic 2


In summary

The ability to check leave balances at any time is a useful feature, especially if you are considering restructuring your team or redundancy. Reviewing this report regularly will also ensure you are aware of any team members with an excessively large annual leave balance so you are aware of the liability and so that you can encourage them to take the leave and enjoy a well deserved break. If you need further help with your business from an accountant, contact Link Advisors.