Update required for some Xero bank feeds (2 minute fix)

Update required for some Xero bank feeds

Xero uses a variety of methods to retrieve transaction data from Banks, one of those methods is going to be updated from 17 August 2021 and will require you to re-authenticate the connection between your bank and Xero.

This will only take 2 minutes, and will ensure that Xero continues to receive transaction data after the update on 17 August 2021. We’ll guide you through the process of re-authenticating here.


How do I know that I need to do this?

If you see a message similar to this on your Xero dashboard, you’ll need to follow the steps below.


The re-authentication process (takes 2 minutes only)


1. Click Update bank connection on the dashboard


2. On the next screen, click on Agree and log into bank


3. Match your bank account or credit card with the corresponding account in Xero. If bank accounts or credit cards appear in the list which are not in Xero, ensure you select Don’t connect. Click continue when done.


4. Click Finish to complete the process


5. Xero will sync up with the new connection. Ensure you are not missing any transactions in Xero, and you are right to go.


If you encounter trouble re-authenticating any bank accounts or credit cards please contact Link Advisors straight away for assistance. Similarly, if you believe that some transactions are missing, lets us know so we can assist there too.