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Only pay your fair share of tax

We help businesses pay less tax.

Want to feel like your accountant is providing you with epic resultsWe aim to raise the standards, ensuring that you are getting real value out of your accountant, as we help you pay less tax. At Link Advisors we believe relationship and open communication is the only way to achieve the best results for your business. So, we are always responsive to your calls and emails, without sending an invoice after each point of contact. From there, we work with you, developing strategies to ensure that you only pay your fair share of tax.  

4 simple steps to reduce your tax:

We want to get to know you and your business and we know you want to get to know our accountants. So, we hold a relaxed, informative consultation that allows just that. Over a cup of great coffee, we can talk about your goals, and develop a strategy, while you get to see how we work. 

Paying tax isn't bad,
paying too much tax is.

Paying tax isn’t a bad thing, it means that your business is making money, but you should not be paying more than your fair share. This is where we come in. We work with you to apply strategy and experience to create a tax plan that gives you epic results, legally reducing the tax you pay. Now you can keep more of your hard-earned cash, gain more out of your business, and reach your goals faster.

Feel confident
in your tax position.

We want to feel empowered knowing that your business is in a great place when it comes to tax. Not only do we work to lower the amount of tax you pay, but we also focus on providing knowledge and transparency around the tax you do have to pay. This allows you to feel confident, knowing there wont be any nasty surprises at the end of each financial year. By keeping you in the loop around tax, you can go out and run your business confidently, without having to worry about tax. Your Advisor will keep you regularly updated, and if you are ever unsure on a decision you can reach out to us, we will answer.  

We care about your business.


We are the accountants that care about helping your business. All the work we do is to help your business succeed. Our Advisors build a relationship with you and your business, becoming invested in your success. When you reach your goals, we reach oursyour success is our success. This extends to reducing the tax you pay.  We want you to pay only your fair share of tax and nothing more, so we work hard to legally eliminate excess tax that you should not need to pay. Talk to a team of Advisors, who care about your business and your success, today. 


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