4 fresh government initiatives introduced for Victorian business owners


The Victorian Government has introduced further funding to help businesses impacted by the circuit breaker action to limit the spread of COVID-19. They have made $143 million on offer for eligible businesses and there are four initiatives available: 


1. Business Costs Assistance Program 

The new Business Costs Assistance Program helps eligible businesses with costs incurred as a result of the circuit breaker action. 

For example, businesses may have incurred costs through loss of fresh food or produce or terminated bookings. 

Eligible businesses with a total annual payroll of up to $3 million, can receive a one-off grant of $2000, whether they have employees or not. 


2. Licensed Hospitality Venue Fund – Circuit Breaker Action Payment 

Eligible businesses who received a grant through the Licensed Hospitality Venue Fund will receive a further one-off payment of $3000 to help with costs directly related to the circuit breaker action. Businesses that receive this payment will not be eligible to receive a grant from the Business Costs Assistance Program.  

You do not need to apply for this payment. The Victorian government will contact you with further information if you are eligible. 


3. Victorian Accommodation Support Program 

The new Victorian Accommodation Support Program is an expansion of the Regional Tourism Accommodation Support Program and includes tourist accommodation premises in Greater Melbourne. This will support accommodation providers whose bookings were canceled due to the circuit breaker action to limit the spread of COVID-19. 

The $16.2 million Program supports tourism accommodation providers with a grant of one of two tiers of support for those with demonstrated booking cancellations between Friday 12 February and Wednesday 17 February 2021: 

Tier 1: Funding of $2250 (ex GST) per Accommodation Premises experiencing 10 or fewer canceled nights. 

Tier 2: Funding of $4500 (ex GST) per Accommodation Premises with 11 or more canceled nights. 

The Victorian Accommodation Support Program will open soon. 


4. Travel Voucher schemes 

Two travel voucher schemes will encourage Victorians to travel across the state, as our tourism industry recovers from the impacts of COVID-19 and bushfires. 

The schemes include: 

  1. A new Melbourne Travel Voucher Scheme with 40,000 vouchers to support travel in greater Melbourne (which will launch soon). 
  2. An expandeRegional Travel Voucher Scheme (will open within a similar time frame) with an additional 10,000 vouchers to support travel in regional Victoria. 

This brings to 200,000 the total number of vouchers offered under the travel voucher schemes. 

Contact Link Advisors if you think you may be eligible for one of these initiatives, and we can guide you through the process.