What is Xero Projects and 5 ways it can help your business

Xero is extremely excited about one of its latest features, Xero Projects. This new addition to the Xero accounting software suite aims to help businesses manage projects all from a clean, easy to use interface. There is a lot of emphasis on the applications usability by Xero, who are proud to be able to help smaller businesses transition off spreadsheets for project management. They believe that this application will really help these businesses save time and money.


What exactly does Xero Projects do?

This is certainly an important question especially for confused business owners who know of Xero’s other project management application, WorkflowMax. The big thing for Xero Projects is its simplicity, meaning that businesses can easily use and understand the application with minimal training. Within that simplicity is some useful features that you may find streamlines your businesses’ work flow. The big two linchpins facing businesses, profitability and time, is what Xero Projects was designed to help with. At its core Projects offers straightforward time and job cost tracking, allowing you to quickly and easily see what is going on. All of this is in real time, allowing you to understand where both your money and time are being invested into. From there you can issue invoices based on a percentage of the total fee, time and materials incurred to date, or the entire project. All of this in one go, right from the application. Your clients can then easily understand how much they should be paying you. It’s all simple, at the push of a button.  


Who is Xero Projects For?

Xero Projects is perfect for a small business, bellow 10 employees, or freelancer who does not plan on growing beyond that. This application will help these businesses transition off spreadsheets, or software that is unnecessarily complex for their needs. That is exactly where Xero Projects hits its niche. While Xero owns WorkflowMax there are plenty of smaller businesses that find it too complicated and unnecessary for their needs, which is where Projects comes in. So, say a small web development firm wants to quickly and easily follow each of their projects, the time taken and cost invested, they can at a glance. If a freelance fashion designer wanted to take that information and easily invoice her clients, say a deposit, she can easily. All of this with very little training. This makes Xero Projects an incredible step forward for these small businesses in streamlining their entire business process. If you look at Xero Projects and believe that it is too simple and pointless, then perhaps it isn’t right for your business. However, a tech start-up or your local freelance artist will love it.


How does Xero Projects transform my business?

You may now believe that Xero Projects is exactly what you are looking for, but maybe you are still unsure if it is necessary. There are many ways where simplifying the process of managing your projects can have a positive effect on your business.  

1.       Save Time on Managing Projects

Being able to quickly see what projects your business is currently working on, and any upcoming projects at a glance can really help you time manage the entire business quickly and easily. Xero Projects user interface is designed to be easy to read and understand, translating into easier project management. Now you can easily see whether your business can take on that new client, or whether some projects need to be reduced in scope. All of this at a glance.


2.       Move easily off spreadsheets

Say goodbye to those annoyingly difficult to navigate spreadsheets. Instead you will have a beautifully simple application to navigate that will give you all of the information you need. This is again a big time saver. Spreadsheets are clunky to navigate and require a lot of effort to keep updated and to read. Eliminate another slow cog in your business with Xero Projects.


3.       Manage your business on the go

With iOS and Android apps you can manage your business’ projects anywhere at any time. Whether you are determining if a new client can be fit into your current workload or need to send a quick invoice to a client you are meeting, you can do it easily right from your phone.  


4.       Designed for streamlining small business and freelancers

Xero Projects has been designed from the ground up to help solve pain points faced by small businesses. Streamline your invoices by being able to easily send out fixed price, time and expenses invoicing just by clicking a few buttons. Then allow your staff to easily manage projects and invoices to varying degrees with 3 levels of user permissions.


5.       Real time tracking

The icing on the cake for Xero Projects is that it is all done in real time. Meaning that anyone in your business that has access will be able to remain updated on their projects and what is being spent on each project instantly. Easily work together and manage projects and invoices together in real time.



Xero Project’s power comes from its simplicity and ease of use. While it may not be suitable for larger businesses, smaller businesses and freelancers will love it. It will help streamline project management and invoices allowing you to focus less on figuring out what you are investing into projects and more on the projects themselves. With new features being constantly added, this application will continue to become an even more powerful tool for small businesses and freelancers. What kind of project management software do you love to use?

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