Bunnings Power Pass: The often overlooked Bunnings hack for small businesses

Bunnings Power Pass The often overlooked Bunnings hack for small businesses (1)

Bunnings have a customer program called PowerPass which allows eligible customers to access discounts on certain products, track their purchases and simplify the returns/warranty process. It's also possible to apply for a credit limit and book purchases up to a monthly account.

For eligible small businesses, PowerPass is a great way to unlock discounts at Bunnings and access other benefits which we’ll detail below.



To be eligible for a PowerPass, you need to satisfy one of these criteria:

  • have an ABN and be a professional trade customer (ie carpenters, plumbers, electricians, landscapers, painters, builders, handyman etc), or
  • have an ABN and operate a business where maintenance and repair is a core part of the business operation (ie facilities management, aged care, education, manufacturing, etc – this is quite a broad definition which is great)
  • be an owner builder (just supply a copy of your owner builder permit as part of your application), or
  • be an apprentice (just supply a copy of your apprentice registration with your application)

Employee tradies (ie who are not subcontractors with their own ABN) who are not apprentices don’t appear to be eligible for a PowerPass. It may be worth enquiring directly with Bunnings if this is your situation.



Several benefits are available to PowerPass holders

  • It's free to sign up
  • You can get discounts on selected products starting from 5% (Anecdotally, it appears that this discount can increase depending on the type of business and $ spend at Bunnings). From personal experience, the 5% discount is applicable to a vast amount of products – generally anything hardware, tools, building garden etc. Things like homewares, and furniture though are not generally eligible for a discount it seems.
  • Ability to have an electronic record of every purchase made at Bunnings
  • Simplicity when it comes to returns/warranty – no need to find the receipt, just present your PowerPass
  • Access to the PowerPass app to make it easy to find products in store
  • You can have multiple PowerPass cards under the one account (ie cards for staff members)


Types of PowerPass

There are three types of PowerPass available:

  • Cash account: Get all the benefits of PowerPass and pay at the register as usual. This is the fastest and easiest way to access PowerPass since it doesn’t require any credit application – it’s simply giving you access to the discounts and perks.
  • 30 day account: Apply for a 30 day account and get a monthly bill + access the discounts and perks.
  • Credit Account: Apply for a credit account of up to $5k, with up to 60 days interest free on purchases.



The Powerpass app (available on the App Store and Play Store) now allows you to store the plastic Powerpass card's details in your phone, and also provides easy access to eReceipts of all previous transactions.


Final Thought

If you love a Bunnings trip and you’re eligible for a PowerPass, then it's worth looking into it. You can access details about PowerPass here.