Online training for small business

online training for small businesses (1)

If your business has been impacted by COVID-19 you are most likely searching for ways in which you can recover and get your business back on track. You may be unsure on which direction to take, or need help developing the right skills to turn your business back on track. Fortunately, the Queensland Government and partner GO1 have created a wealth of online course designed to upskill and help business owners.

To help business owners out in finding whether this program is right for them, here is a complete rundown on the program.


Who can access the courses?


A library of online courses is being provided for free to all Queensland small businesses with less than 20 staff and a registered ABN who have been impacted by the coronavirus pandemic.

The courses have been designed to help both you and your employees recover from COVID-19 and enable future growth. If you have been impacted by COVID or want to upskill yourself and your employees, it is a good idea to take advantage of these courses while they are available.


What courses are included


The courses available to small businesses across Queensland cover a wide variety of topics. These are tailored towards upskilling business owners and employees on founding, leading, and marketing a successful business. Course areas include:

  • Foundation business skills covering sales, finance, business development, and understanding HR.
  • Leading a successful business covering building and growing teams, developing leadership, work-life balance, and personal wellbeing and mental health.
  • Connecting businesses and customers covering customer service, negotiating skills, digital marketing, and marketing and advertising.
  • Adaption and digital skills covering office IT skills, business systems, business planning, and cyber-security.


How to access the training


The training is easy to access. Simply head over to the Queensland Small Business Skills Hub. Each course is completely online, so you can get started from home or while at work. These courses are short as well, allowing you to fit them in easily throughout your week. Simply click the link and then click the start learning button on the Small Business Skills Hub to get started.


In summary


These courses offer the perfect opportunity for any business owner currently searching for a way to upskill themselves to better manage their business during and after the coronavirus pandemic. The courses will be available for free through 2020, so it is a good idea to take advantage of them as soon as possible. If you need further advice on how to get your business through the coronavirus pandemic come have a chat with one of our advisors.