What’s the best Mac accounting software platform in Australia?

Australian small businesses using Macs have the same financial tasks as those using PCs. But often it’s a challenge to find Mac accounting software that’s as feature rich as the Windows version. So, if you’re on the hunt for the best accounting software to run on your Mac, you’ll find you answer here. Hint: It’s Xero of course!

Link Advisors are Xero specialists. Our clients operate in many different industries and run on both PCs and Macs – but they all run their business on Xero. Because Xero runs in your internet browser (instead of as a traditional desktop application), there is no issue accessing it from any device – PC, Mac, iPhone or Android. The universal accessibility of Xero across any device is one of the key reasons why we love it.

Below are some key considerations for any Mac small business owner.

Challenges for small businesses using a Mac

As a Mac user, you’ll likely have high expectations for the way your software looks and performs. It should complement the hardware you are using to run it, right? Traditionally, accounting software for Macs has felt more like an afterthought – especially compared to heavy hitting Mac apps like the Adobe creative suite. The instant ease of use and logical user interface of Apple products has won fans the world over, but when Mac users are confronted with software that doesn’t ‘just work’, accounting tasks can become painful.

Mac versions are often lacking in features

Most accounting systems are designed for a PC first and then (maybe) ported over to a Mac as an afterthought. The result is most often a lacklustre product, with reductions in support, functionality and integrations. Often these desktop programs may also have many modules which are not necessary for your business, meaning you are paying for unnecessary complexity that you may never use.

Make it a priority to go with software that doesn’t tack on features for the sake of it, and gets the balance of simplicity and usability just right. You should have everything you want and need, and no more.

Software should be cross-platform compatible

The ability to easily access your accounting information is essential for any business owner. It’s also equally essential for your accountant to be able to access this same information without the need for backups or data conversions.

Cloud based accounting software which works on any device and in any browser eliminates the traditional barriers between sharing information between Mac and PC users.

Other business apps should integrate with your accounting software

Often Mac accounting software has a limited range of business applications or apps that integrate with it, by virtue of the Mac version usually having a significantly smaller user base. As a Mac user, you’ll most likely be used to applications and systems seamlessly integrating together so it makes sense to expect similar functionality from your accounting system.

As your company grows, this will make it much easier to manage all aspects of running your business. For example, you could integrate invoicing, time tracking or job management apps with your accounting software to eliminate double handling of information.

Accounting software on a Mac: Seven points to consider

Intuitive design matters – find a system you actually like to work with. There’s no point dreading every time you need to fire up your accounting program to raise an invoice or pay a bill. Xero’s interface is smart and intuitive.

Installation has to be easy – it should just work out of the box, just like your Mac. Having a cloud based accounting system like Xero means that there is nothing to install and it’s the same user experience whether you use a Mac or a PC.

Great customer support is important – there is an immense amount of support for Xero. Whether it be support from Xero, the Xero user community for us here at Link Advisors. You’ll always be able to quickly find the answer to any Xero question you might have.

Have all your business data safe and in one place – With Xero you can sleep easy knowing your accounting data is safe and easily accessible all in the one place. You don’t need to worry about backups, versions or synchronisation.

Collaborate more with your team – Xero allows you to have as many users as you like at no extra cost. This makes it easy for key people in the business to have the access they need to particular aspects of Xero. It also makes it super easy for your accountant and bookkeeper to access your data.

Use online business tools that integrate – Don’t restrict your business growth by using software that won’t integrate with other apps. Xero integrates with hundreds of third party applications which allows small business owners to streamline their business operations and reduce unnecessary (and error prone) data entry.

Summing it up

As you can see, there is no longer a need to consider a Mac v a PC accounting system. A modern, high tech accounting platform like Xero is cloud based and runs in your internet browser. The user experience is the same whether you are on a Mac or a PC.

Xero is our choice of accounting platform.

If you are a small business owner, and a Mac lover, then Xero + Link Advisors is a great combination for the accounting and advice needs of your business.