JobMaker Hiring Credit:
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Important Key Dates

7 October 2020
Scheme starts

The JobMaker scheme starts on 7 October 2020. You may be able to claim payments relating to employees hired up until 6 October 2021. Employees hired on or after 7 October 2021 are not eligible employees.



6 December 2020
Registrations open
You can register from 6 December 2020. You only need to register once and you must register before you claim.



6 January 2021
Initial registration period ends
(for existing employees already engaged post-7 October 2020)

The deadline for electing to participate in the JobMaker scheme for the first JobMaker period is currently 6 January 2021.

NOTE: The government is yet to release detailed information around the initial enrolment and reporting requirements. We will update this page as new information is released.



1 February 2021
First claim period opens

You can claim JobMaker payments from 1 February 2021 as long as you have registered and met the other eligibility requirements (including reporting through Single Touch Payroll).



30 April 2021
First claim period closes

You can only claim JobMaker for the first JobMaker period until the end of 30 April 2021. You must claim by the end of the claim period to receive JobMaker for that period.



6 October 2021
Final date for entry to the scheme

The JobMaker scheme closes to new participants on 6 October 2021.



6 October 2022
JobMaker scheme ends

This is the end of the final JobMaker payment period. This is the last period for which employers will receive payments for eligible employees under the scheme.

An overview of the JobMaker Hiring Credit scheme.

The JobMaker Hiring Credit (JobMaker) is an incentive available to businesses to encourage the hiring of more staff as COVID restrictions phase out.

Unlike JobKeeper, JobMaker can apply to new businesses and the business does not need to satisfy a decline in turnover test to receive payments.

JobMaker is a credit available to eligible businesses for hiring additional employees (not if you are merely replacing someone who left). JobMaker is available for jobs created from 7 October 2020 until 6 October 2021.

JobMaker provides:

  • $200 per week for new employees between 16 to 29 years of age, and
  • $100 a week for new employees between 30 to 35 years of age.

Payment is from the start date of the employee for 12 months.

The JobMaker claim periods.

PeriodJobMaker PeriodClaim Period
17 October 2020 - 6 January 20211 February 2021 – 30 April 2021
27 January 2021 – 6 April 20211 May 2021 – 31 July 2021
37 April 2021 – 6 July 20211 August 2021 – 31 October 2021
47 July 2021 – 6 October 20211 November 2021 – 31 January 2022
57 October 2021 – 6 January 20221 February 2022 – 30 April 2022
67 January 2022 – 6 April 20221 May 2022 – 31 July 2022
77 April 2022 – 6 July 20221 August 2022 – 31 October 2022
87 July 2022 – 6 October 20221 November 2022 – 31 January 2023

Check JobMaker's eligibility criteria.

Employers are eligible if they:

  • Operate a business in Australia, or are a not-for-profit organisation (conditions apply)
  • Have an Australian Business Number (ABN)
  • Are registered for pay as you go (PAYG) withholding
  • Report through Single Touch Payroll (STP)
  • Are up to date with income tax and GST lodgement obligations for the last 2 years
  • Have not claimed a JobKeeper payment for a fortnight that started during the JobMaker period


Who is not eligible for JobMaker?

If the employer is claiming JobMaker, it cannot also receive any of the following payments for the employee:

  • Supporting Apprentices and Trainees Wage subsidy;
  • Australian Apprentice Wage subsidy;
  • Boosting the Apprenticeship Commencements Wage subsidy; or
  • Restart, Youth Bonus, Youth, Parents or Long-term Unemployed Wage subsidies.


Certain employees are also excluded. These include:

  • Employees who commenced employment 12 months or more before the first day of the JobMaker period (even if the employer has claimed JobMaker for less than 12 months, for example where the employee was eligible for JobKeeper). The entitlement to JobMaker is for 12 months from the date the eligible employee commenced employment.
  • Contractors, subcontractors or labour hire employees.
  • Employees who were engaged by the business at any time in the 6 months before 6 October 2020, other than as an employee, to perform a substantially similar role or substantially similar functions or duties to those performed as an employee. For example, JobMaker cannot be claimed for a contractor who becomes an employee.


JobMaker also cannot be claimed by:

  • Sole traders (as they cannot employ themselves);
  • Partners of a partnership (they too cannot employ themselves);
  • Trustees and beneficiaries of trusts (that are not widely held unit trusts); or
  • Directors or shareholders of companies (that are not widely held).


JobMaker also cannot be claimed for close associates of the business and its owners. A “close associate” is a relative of an individual, partner, trustee, beneficiary, director or shareholder.

How the JobMaker scheme works.

Register for JobMaker through:

  • MyGov (Sole Traders)
  • ATO Business Portal (All other businesses)
  • A registered tax or BAS agent (like us here at Link)

Tax consequences.

All payments under the JobMaker scheme are assessable as income in your business tax return.

The wages and super that your business pays to employees under this scheme are tax deductible as per usual.

JobMaker payments are:

  • not subject to GST
  • do not need to be included in your business activity statements (BAS).

Keep your Xero books up to date.

You will be required to report payroll each month so it is essential that your Xero file is regularly updated so you can lodge your figures ASAP.

Where to next?

  • Take action if,
    • You have put on new staff aged 35 or under from 7 October 2020 OR
    • You are planning to put on new staff aged 35 or under up until the 6 October 2021
  • Register, nominate eligible employees and start claiming JobMaker payments.
  • Reach out to Link Advisors if you need any assistance in relation to JobMaker.

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