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Make a real difference to your clients by building fantastic relationships and delivering valuable and practical advice with Link Advisors. We are the heroes behind the scenes, passionate about the work we do, striving to always bring real value to our clients. If you want to work with a team that strives to be different from traditional accounting firms, you should apply below!

What makes a Link Advisor?

At the heart of Link Advisors is our incredible team of accountants. Our team unity enables us to achieve epic results for our clients, and so, it is vital that you can connect with our team. We care about our culture and team, so you need to be as passionate as they are about achieving the best results, be energetic, forward thinking, and ready to grow. This is a fast-paced accounting firm, so expect to learn and grow a lot, an ability to learn fast will be vital.  

The perks
of joining the team.

We know that work culture is vital to creating a place you will love working at. So, we focus a lot on building a great working environment that encourages great team work, socialisation, and health. Here are some of the things we do: 

  • Regular Friday lunch outings with the team 
  • Quarterly barbecues  
  • Great coffee and kitchen facilities 
  • Plant walls 
  • A points-based referral program with prizes to win 
  • Link legends award, with every winner receiving a prize and a trophy 
  • Health bar filled with healthy snacks
  • Regular birthday celebrations 
  • Seasonal office parties, including Christmas and Melbourne Cup 
  • Day of Personal Wellness – an extra day of annual leave designed to provide you a day of self-improvement 
  • Flexible work hours 

We want you to


Feel empowered

  • Learn new skills every day
  • Be creative and try something new
  • Do meaningful work that you know will help people

Reach epic heights

  • Unlock your full potential 
  • Feel supported in learning and career development 
  • Challenge yourself and those around you to achieve great things 

Feel positive

  • Love where you work 
  • Be excited to get up every day  
  • Connect with your clients and team members 

Accountants making a difference.

We are an award-winning accounting firm that takes the best software, the best accountants, and incredible customer service, combine them together and achieve epic results. We are always looking to do the best work possible for our clients, while remaining transparent and accessible so they can do great things. This is why we have grown exponentially. Our clients love our open, honest approach, feeling that they can trust us and talk to us when they need to. But it isn’t just our approach that makes us different from other accounting firms. Culture is a big part of LinkWe have worked hard to develop a fun and vibrant cultureEnjoy coming into work each day knowing that you will be surrounded by great people, and a fun work environment. It’s a cliché to say, but we are not a typical accounting firm. 

The Link Advisors team

We are a team of epic humans doing exceptional work to make a real difference in our clients’ lives. Each of us care about our clients’ businesses, unlocking the full potential of their businesses to enable their success. Through each of our accountants experience, industry knowledge, and Xero mastery, you will have someone you can rely on and talk to powering your business. Come put that to the test, talk to our accountants today!

What we want to achieve.

We want to mix your talents with our approach and go out and do an excellent job for our clients. Through Link Advisors we want to see you learn and grow, taking your talents to a whole new level. Our supportive, growth focused environment, will enable you to go furtherYou will grow more in 5 years here than you will at any conventional accounting firm in 10 years.  

If you want to develop your career Link Advisors is the place to be. We care about developing your career. You will have 6-month meetings with a Director where we set out goals you want to accomplish, skills you want to learn, and more, before we help you achieve those over the next 6 months.  

Our aim is to help you feel like you are learning, growing, and accomplishing great things. 

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