A Guide For Setting Up Xero

Xero is the big thing in the world of small business software. It enables business owners, employees, and accountants to do so much more within a business, all from one place, without the insane cost it would have required before Xero. Now you can automate many tedious processes, see all your data in real-time, and collaborate with your accountant without needing to be in the same room.  

However, before you can take advantage of all of these great features you first need to set Xero up. While it isn’t extremely complex, to begin with, it is important that you work with your accountant in setting it up to allow Xero to work best in your business. Here is all you need to know about setting up Xero. 

How small businesses should set up Xero 

When you begin there are certain data that you will need to import into Xero. You should talk to your accountant before you begin importing data to ensure you have all that you need and are importing the correct data. The following main areas of data you will need to import include: 

  • Invoices 
  • Bills 
  • Customised chart of accounts 
  • Payroll information 
  • Single Touch Payroll 
  • Contacts 

These areas are all important as they contain sensitive information regarding your business. So, you should endeavour to set these up correctly. 

How to minimise business disruptions 

As with any major business changes, there may be some disruption. Unfortunately, disruption is impossible to mitigate entirely, but it can be minimised. To minimise disruption, you need proper training and an advanced set up from experienced Xero specialists. Talking to your accountant about getting Xero set up correctly from the get-go can save a lot of short-term pain, reducing the disruptions on your business.  

Converting data into Xero from another platform 

Xero requires that your data be up to date and accurate when you set it up. This enables it to perform optimally for your business. To ensure that your data is transferred and set correctly you should consult with a Xero set up specialist. Some common errors seen include: 

  • Missing staff payroll data 
  • Bank account reconciliation issues 
  • Incorrect balances, leading to under or overstating your expenses. 

Avoiding these issues is easy, simply contact a setup specialist like Link Advisors and we can set up Xero correctly from the get-go.  


Xero is an incredible piece of software that has transformed both business and accounting. It is a must-have for most small businesses. However, getting the setup and training right is key to minimising disruptions and allowing Xero to work best for your business. To get started on the right foot, contact Link Advisors for expert Xero advice from a Xero Gold partner.