6 Mobile Apps Helping Small Business Owners Thrive


The right app can make almost any task easier, and this extends to running a small business too. With business owners often having to do a wide range of tasks with barely enough time to complete them all, having a great app to help out may just make things run a little more smoothly.

Thanks to the latest mobile technology advances there are now a wide range of apps you can download right now which will help with a wide variety of aspects to your business. From accounting, payroll, communications, and marketing, the apps can help you get on top of your to-do list and keep on moving no matter where you are.

To help small business owners we have created this list of the 6 best apps we believe will help small business owners.


1. Xero


Xero has been designed from the ground up to make managing your business finances easier. With a wide range of features and tools, you can use Xero to simplify a wide range of business tasks to not only smooth out many business processes, but to also make them easier.

You may already use Xero in your business, loving its wide range of features. But, have you ever tried the mobile app? As Xero is cloud based you can access almost all of its features on the go allowing you to manage your business finances from wherever you are. With the mobile app, you receive an optimised interface allowing you to access the features you love fast while on the go.

Create invoices for a client you just signed up, better manage bank reconciliation, organise payroll right from your phone, and even manage employee leave at the same time. All of the features within the Xero mobile app are connected to the cloud offering real-time syncing, so you can work alongside your accountant and bookkeeper to get the best results wherever you are. For more about Xero, read here.


2. Slack


Slack is the perfect app for internal communications. It enables collaboration and internal conversations on a far easier and more accessible level than ever before in a business communications app. Within Slack your teams can communicate through customisable channels allowing them to communicate in a way that works best for them. You can divide channels up by tasks, projects, and teams as an example.

With direct messaging and group messaging features as well, your team are able to communicate and collaborate in a set-up they design themselves, enabling more streamlined levels of communication. Add on top of this video calling, screen sharing, file sharing, and more, Slack offers all the features needed for in-office or remote collaboration.

There is also a great mobile app, allowing you to communicate with your team while on the go, keeping everyone updated in real-time. You can further expand Slacks functionality with great partner plugins should you need to.


3. Zoom


Zoom makes video calls easy. It is one of the most powerful video calling tools available to businesses without compromising on ease of use. With Zoom, you can host online meetings, webinars, and conferences easily. All you need to do is share the link and those you invite can join the meeting. You can now also set a meeting password and allow entry only to those invited in order to keep your meeting secure.

With the Zoom app you can continue with the same great features that make Zoom so useful, all on your phone. Within Zoom’s easy to use app you can host and attend meetings, conferences, and webinars all while on the go.


4. Asana


Asana is a project management system that can help you organise, schedule, and track the tasks set out for your team. The app is very versatile, offering a wide range of features and plans to suit everyone. With its easy to use interface everyone can get started in the app and make the most of it.


5. Mailchimp


Mailchimp makes email marketing easy. It provides you with the tools you need to reach your audience and grow your business. Email marketing is an effective tool that keeps your brand on top of your customers’ minds, encouraging repeat customers and encouraging those who almost purchased to come back.

With Mailchimp you can automate a lot of your email marketing process. From sending mass messages to your entire database, to smaller tasks like automated emails to potential customers who completed certain actions on your website. All you need is their email address and you can use Mailchimp to make a real impact on your sales.

The best part about Mailchimp is it’s easy to use email builder. You can create beautiful and creative emails in no time, sending great, enticing marketing materials out to your customers.


6. Hootsuite


Want to find a great way to make managing your social media easier? Look no further than Hootsuite. This app has all you need to create, schedule, and manage posts across all your social media pages in one place. With its advanced post scheduler, you can draft and schedule posts even on social media platforms that do not have native schedulers, like LinkedIn and Instagram. This means you have the flexibility to target your audience when they are online no matter the time of day you find time to post.


Summing up


Owning a business is busy work. There are a lot of tasks, team members, and clients, vying for your attention. To find the time to complete all the tasks you need to do each day you need great technology. These apps are just 6 of many which will help you manage every aspect of your business, streamlining everything.

If you want more advice about streamlining your business have a chat with our team at Link Advisors.